A few quirks (or annoyances) about Germany

I’ve been back to Germany for more than a week now. For as nice as it is to sleep in one’s own bed, eat Mum’s food, and indulge in sausages and potatoes, there are undoubtedly a few annoyances that immediately caught my eye (and continue to do so). Here’s just a short list of them, and I guess I’ll update these as I spend more and more time here:

  • Germans don’t press the “Close Door” button in elevators
  • Few people actually cross a street as soon as cars have stopped. Instead people wait for the traffic light to turn green.
  • People talk on the phone in buses. Maybe the problem here is that I’m just not able to understand what Chinese people say on buses, but it sure is somewhat annoying to discuss the minutiae of someone’s grocery list.
  • Public toilets in train stations or at highway stops are not so public after all. You might have to pay between 50ct or and 1 Euro. In my view, that’s just ridiculous. If you can’t make enough money with your core business to offer such basic necessities to your customers, you might want to reconsider the viability of your business model.
  • Ain’t no such thing as free water. Or you have to ask for it. What makes matters worse is that drinks are ridiculously expensive. Paid 3.8 EUR for a large (.5 liters) “Spezi”…

2 thoughts on “A few quirks (or annoyances) about Germany

  1. lol~the first one and the third one are funny!
    Do you still remember we took the elevators every Wednesday?

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