A Case of Fantastic Public Relations Work regarding Working in PR

I recently stumbled across Nicole Reaney’s article on PR Daily describing “6 moments that can incite a love affair with PR.” The list, which is obviously targeted towards those either in or interested in the PR-industry, goes as follows:

  1. Seeing your media stories published and aired.

  2. Your idea for a publicity campaign brought to life.

  3. Post-event drinks with the organizing crew.

  4. When your client sees the difference PR is making to their business.

  5. The growth of a social media community.

  6. The successful pitch.

I do recommend the article for those interested in the PR-industry, especially since it goes into a bit more detail about each of these “moments”. However, reading it from a cold-hearted, analytical and non-PR-person point of view, it seems to me that the moments mentioned in the article all have a common denominator: Success.

Moments 1, 2, 4, and 5 all more or less are indicators of a PR-firm’s success. Moment 3 (post-event drinks with the organizing crew) relates to success, too, because the organizing crew is surely more inclined to have some drinks if the event went down well. And moment 6 even mentions success.

I believe it is fairly safe to say that on the inside everyone loves to experience great success, to see the fruits of one’s work, and to be proud of the work of which one previously took ownership. Great PR-work then seems to make a difference when communicating these insights to the outer world. The seasoned PR-professional (and Ms. Reaney’s track record surely makes her one) senses what sits idly in many peoples’ minds, related to and elaborates on such notions, and creates buzz about it – even to the point that a lowly hobby-blogger like me feels compelled to contribute to the noise.

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