About Me.

My name is Stefan Hermanek, and I am a student at HKUST. Though I’m originally from Germany, I set out to study at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 2011. I major in Global Business and Operations Management.

This is my blog. It deals with media, business, economics, current affairs, international relations, politics, tech. In short: Everything that I find interesting. Things, thoughts, and topics that “unlazify” me. Being based in Asia, it goes without saying that most of the content has some sort of relation to Asia in general and the Greater China area in particular. You might will not agree with every content, but so be it – please do comment, make yourself heard, and let’s have a lively debate then.

“Unlazify” as a name also implies the following relationship: Output rate ~ Boredom. So please forgive me if I can’t provide content quite as often as those professional bloggers / writers.

You may also find me at the following locations on the web:

Stay tuned, and let’s keep on learning 🙂

*: I hope you don’t mind that I’ll use traditional Chinese characters and Hanyu Pinyin in most of my posts, but if you do, Google Translate will be your best friend!

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