Rainbow Village in Taichung

What? The Rainbow Village is actually called the Hun An Military Dependents’ Village 春安眷村, or 台中彩虹眷村] . It features several painted walls and a painted ground. For more details and background information I recommend you to go over to The Daily Bubble Tea. Naturally, the bright colours make it an amazing photo opportunity.


When to go? As the artist is still living there himself I would discourage you from going too early or too late. Naturally that means that you should go during the daytime. More importantly, the colors will likely shine brighter on a sunny day.

How to get there? Via Google Maps you can find the Rainbow Village’s locationGetting there by public transportation from Taichung Station is possible on buses 30 and 27 (and possibly others). For more details you can check Google Maps, which is a resourceful tool at your hand in Taiwan: It has all the routes, departure times, and even guides you step-by-step.

Would I recommend it again? It’s probably not the first on your list if you’re in Taichung. However, if you have time, it’s definitely worth a location worth paying a visit. More importantly, it’s a nice day-time activity, and you can always check out Feng Chia University at night.

Questions? Please do not hesitate to contact me. 😉